Transition effects for Tile Gallery?

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I would like to know if there are any options for transition effects like fading that could be hardcoded in a custom template for the Tile Gallery of GalleryES?

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emirii replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, If you mean the lightbox transition between images, you can use CSS transitions. Below is an example I found for a simple fade-in (I haven't tested this specific, but I've made similar in the past) if you are familiar with CSS it should be pretty simple to implement on your theme CSS to override mine.

@-webkit-keyframes fadeIn {
    0% {opacity: 0;}
    100% {opacity: 1;}
@-moz-keyframes fadeIn {
    0% {opacity: 0;}
    100% {opacity: 1;}
@-o-keyframes fadeIn {
    0% {opacity: 0;}
    100% {opacity: 1;}
@keyframes fadeIn {
    0% {opacity: 0;}
    100% {opacity: 1;}

But if you want other jQuery effects or transitions on the thumbnails/how they load/etc you can always download whatever plugin you want and implement per the instructions, just use selector ".galleryES img" and it should be good to go!

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