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Review posted by leobag on at

Great Add-on and Great CMS....!!!

I'm very happy that I found this CMS... it help me to realise whatever i want...!!
Review posted by mlane on at

A Must Have Add On

This add on is a must have for any and all themes. It's so easy to duplicated areas into multiple pages. I use it on all sites I build.
Review posted by jkmelancon on at

Nice Job Mr. Krasnow

More Useful Than Many Add-Ons I've Paid For. Global Areas is working without problem in many c5 sites, many different versions, in combination with many different other add-ons.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Simply Mnkras

Dead simple to use. 100 % effective.

I needed a calendar on two different pages and already had it one one. Drop this block on the needy page and select the page and the area and there it is. End user gets a friendly notice that if they want to edit it they have to go to the parent page.
Review posted by hhockx on at

Great Add-on!

This block is a great help! I use it in footers and headers to make sure that changes on the first page will be reflected in all other pages.
Review posted by pendragn on at

SUPER useful for dashboard/reporting site I created

Echoing others' comments here....blocks like these are often less useful when you first look at them, but infrastructure blocks like these make certain tasks far easier.

I wanted to create a single page that pulls information from multiple other pages to allow people to track projects, etc. I created a new pagetype, added new "areas" into those pagetypes, and then used this block to link the contents of those sections to my reporting page....perfect! (I had to create more areas since this block pulls only "area" level of granularity from target pages.)

Thanks for the great block!
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Most useful when combined with the Global Scapbook

I have found it easiest to declare a global areas block within the global scrapbook and then paste the scrapbook item into pages, or even make the scrapbook item a page default.
This is a useful block that works reliably within its limits, but strategically is only an elastoplast solution, filling a requirement until the C5 core allows page areas to become global. But that is a criticism of the C5 core, not of this clever block.
Review posted by jordanlev on at

Really Useful

This is a great tool for situations where you have content that is shared across many pages -- for example, sidebars. You can just add this block to the Page Defaults, point it to the home page (or any other page), and tell the people editing your site that changes to the sidebar on that special page will be reflected across the entire site -- which I've found is how most people think a website should work anyway.

The only drawbacks are that certain blocks will not work properly -- for example, if you put an autonav block in the area and set it to show pages "at the current level", it will show pages at the current level of the original page that it's pulling the block from, not the current level of the page that is actually being viewed. There may be issues with other specialized blocks as well, but most of the time my sidebars only contain Content, Image and Autonav blocks.

Another issue is that if you apply any custom styles (via C5's "Design" option when you click on a block in edit mode), those are not carried through to the other pages.

All that being said this is still a great solution for many situations.

Thanks team!


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