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Review posted by pjsouthflorida on at

Really Like it!

Very easy to use and well worth the money! It has added some badly needed flair to my website! One change that would be nice is the option to not add a background for those of us with transparent themes. It defaults to a white background and if you have a custom bg already there in the block it whites it out. Other than that a really nice time saver add-on!
Review posted by Adreco on at

Nice Work!

Just used it to spruce up a truly homely B&W logo. Wow! It pops now :)
I'll be sure to use this in more feature areas across the site.
Thank you!
Review posted by rdesignista on at

Very nice plugin.


I use a website tool called CSS3 Gradients to make gradients for myself. However, for my current project, I want to have a gradient function integrated into the Concrete5 UI for my client. This is a great tool, very easy to use, IE6 compatible (unreal!) and is 1000x better than using an image gradient, which is what my client was previously doing.

Couple of things I don't like:
1. No paste ability for the hex.
2. Default settings include a white shadow. I have to set the settings to 0 everytime. A little annoying, especially, since I bought this just for the gradient.

Overall a great tool. Thank you.

Review posted by tifoster on at

Staple Add-on!

I used this add-on with the Round Corners On Anything add-on and quickly came up with this beautiful page:

This will be a staple add-on for me!

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