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Review posted by studio108 on at

Excellent gallery add-on with custom settings

This is an excellent gallery add-on. Our client wanted a large image slider to display featured pages from their site. This gallery does this and so much more... There are lots of settings to customize how the gallery looks and operates. I would recommend and purchase again.

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by studio4graphics on at

Good and easy to use

Good and easy to use plugin for adding a gallery! Good support, quick response to questions.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by PaiviK on at

Saved my day

A great and versatile gallery - and it works well with php 7.2 and version 8!
Review posted by baysmedia on at

Great replacement for the "Easy Image Gallery"

I'm so pleased I stumbled across this add-on.

For me, Composer integration is so useful and seems to be neglected in most gallery add-ons in the market place. Granted, "Easy Image Gallery" does this and has done for a while, but it's now completely unsuitable for production use (it was great at the time, but now has numerous PHP issues owing to a lack of developer support, which I got tired of hacking about over time to make it work, and now completely fails on PHP 7.2+ so I've given up on it). I was become truly stuck until I found this gem.

The Grand Gallery add-on affords the same ease-of-use from a client perspective, and is littered with nice touches and configurations. Thus, it's easy for your non-technical clients to use as part of a composer workflow to create awesome looking galleries with minimal fuss.

Support is super-swift too, therefore making this a well-rounded add-on at an absolute steal of a price. I'd happily pay more if it supported its own drag & drop upload functionality instead of relying on C5's in-built file manager and its inherent limitations, but that's no reason to give this anything less than five stars.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by lukasznillo on at

Great gallery

It's working like a charm. Really great gallery module for C5. Many options, simple configuration. Very useful when creating websites with with lots of galleries.

1.1.4 -

Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Best forever ?

I like this gallery, many of my clients get this now!
Thanks a lot at the developer for the fast help
greetings from bavaria
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Excellent Gallery option! Fast support! Lots of options!

Thank you for this add-on! It is very well done and a great asset to my site!

1.2.0 -

Review posted by blinkdesign on at

Powerful package with lots of options

This is a very powerful Package. It contains practically all you might want our of a gallery. This addon is perfect for users who want exact control over a presentation. The developer is very helpful and provides excellent support.

Thank you Parasek for making this fantastic addon available for free.
Review posted by ppisoban on at

Flexible Gallery and Lightning Fast Support

Had a few teething problems as I hadn't used Topics before so I asked for Support. Turns out I had missed a vital step in the set up. Parasek got back to me very quickly, identified my rookie mistake and all was well.

Great Gallery with many options for display/animation. Expect many more purchases for future sites from us. Thank you!

1.2.6 -

Review posted by pixeljunkie on at

Very powerful add-on

Very powerful and versatile add-on to easily display images based on custom selection, file sets, pagelist ... Great support -> 5 stars overall!

1.3.1 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great support!

I had a CSS conflict with the theme I was using and the developer provided the code to get it fixed. Very prompt and efficient. Great gallery too!
Review posted by tsilbermann on at

All I need

This is a perfect gallery :-)
I don't miss a feature.
Review posted by stephanaust on at

Perfect! exactly what I was looking for especially the slider setup

Very easy to use and setup. Great Addon!

1.3.4 -

Review posted by Ecmsms on at

Excellent Support

I bought the latest version recently and had a problem with the CSS layers not working. Excellent response and the missing code was supplied with guidance on where to insert it to rectify the problem. The problem was easily and quickly solved, even though it was not the fault of the plugin.

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