How it works / Installation


  1. When you install this package, a new avatar helper is installed into your local helpers directory (not the c5 core directory where the original avatar helper is installed). If there are any problems with installation, a notification and manual solution is posted at Dashboard / System / Notifications -- if installation doesn't seem to work, then check this page!
  2. The helper intercepts any avatar image request. If a user avatar is not found, it sets the image tag up to point to gravatar, with a default pointing back to your site.

After Installation

To check that it's working, check the profile (or other place where a user's avatar is displayed) for a user who hasn't uploaded a custom avatar. If the user has set up a gravatar account, than this image should be displayed. If not, you can right-click the "default avatar" (typically an invisible white square where the avatar should be) and choose "Copy Image URL". Paste the text somewhere and the URL should look like