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Review posted by studio108 on at

My favourite gallery add-on

This has been my favourite gallery add-on for a while now. The styling options are great and I love the fact it can be either a standard file set gallery or a page list link gallery.

Before 1.0.3

Review posted by alexwag on at

Fantastic support

One of my favourite web/mobile galleries with lots of options and glad to see it was available for c5.

Many thanks for the support to tweak it.

Look forward to using it on my new project and hopefully others!
Review posted by eivissa89 on at

Great tool – best support!

I was looking for a tool which could show images properly, fast and touch friendly. i found it with whale's grid gallery. although i had problems in the beginning the support made my day. fast response, quick help and friendly! many thanks for this tool and the support!

1.0.3 -

Review posted by eap78 on at

Recommendation - tools does what I says - fast responding support!

I needed a image grid gallery with sorting possibility for different image types. That is exactly what I can do with this tool.
My support request got instantly answered - that's very helpful if time counts!

2.2.0 -

Review posted by wilfordbrimley on at

Great gallery app

Lots of features, responsive, easy to use.

Would be awesome to have some sort of social sharing feature added in the lightbox.

2.3.0 -

Review posted by tallacman on at

The Best!

Flawless and easy to set up. Configure multiple galleries in the dashboard. Works great with sets.

2.3.2 -

Review posted by petiou on at

Great Image Gallery

Great image gallery, easy to use and with fantastic effects. One of my favourite C5 add-ons.
Review posted by petiou on at

Great Image Gallery

Great image gallery, easy to use and with fantastic effects. One of my favourite C5 add-ons.

2.3.3 -

Review posted by studio108 on at

Great Gallery Add-on

A great gallery add-on. Easy to setup and lots of settings to choose from.
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Love Gallery2

I love Grid Gallery2. It's easy to understand, easy to operate and my client LOVES the result! I only purchased one to test it, but will certainly buy it in bulk. It's a keeper!

2.3.3 -

Review posted by bmerrill on at

This is a fantastic add on

This is the nicest gallery I've seen. Tons of options, and looks beautiful on computer, iPad, or phone...
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Wonderful Gallery

I've purchased this gallery more than once as it has a lot of options, is easy to work with and is very well put together. Take it for a test drive if you must, but it is worth the money. I will be purchasing it again and again.

2.4.2 -

Review posted by MattPesquet on at

Great Addon & best support

That is the first paid addon of the marketplace that i purchased, and i m very happy with the functionnalities of Grid Gallery.
Everything is working fine (using last 2.4.4 and concrete5 8.3.2) and most of the gallery output elements can be heavily customized.
You can also be sure to get the most friendly and fast support possible !

Thank you for this nice tool.
Review posted by darrellgw on at

What a Wonderful Add On

This is one of my new favorite add-ons for Concrete5. It is very configurable and easy to work with. I had some problems with my version of PHP on initial load, and the developer was able to help and get it working quickly. I really like the ability to add SEO specific tagging to galleries and very much like the ability to duplicate a gallery. This saved me a ton of time as you only need to configure everything once then duplicate and point to a new file set. Plus, the hover effects are very cool. I am very happy with Grid Gallery.
Review posted by lwduk on at

Love this Gallery Add-on

This addon is feature rich. I love the page list gallery option. It's a great way to link to project pages from a gallery.

2.4.5 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Pretty Awesome!

Easy to use and does the job well. Great support! Worth the money.

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