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Hi - I'm trying to use the add-on for a page list. I've created a stack with a Page List block however when I select it from the drop down within the add-on it tells me that an error has occurred (see attached). Any ideas what the issue might be?


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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Robbie,
I couldn't recreate the error on my localhost. Will you check your C5 log section and see whether or not a whale-gallery related error has been recorded. Filling up the environment section of your ticket also might help. You may get the error on a specific version of PHP, C5, or Gallery add-on.
baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply

Error in the logs is as follows:

Exception Occurred: /path/to/web-root/www/packages/whale_grid_gallery/blocks/whale_grid_gallery/controller.php:622 Class 'Concrete\Package\WhaleGridGallery\Block\WhaleGridGallery\CollectionKey' not found (0)
C5 = 8.4.4
PHP = 7.2.17

Happy to PM you credentials to access the site if that helps.

shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, please send me your site credentials.

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