LEARN: Groups

Groups allow you to send your messages to exactly the right list of contacts. You can create as many groups as you wish and any contact can be added to any group. Contacts can join groups in three ways:

  1. They text a group signup word to your number (see below)
  2. You add them individually through the dashboard
  3. You upload a CSV file to add many at once

Groups include two features that you will find very useful:

Group Signup Words
By assigning a group a signup word (or words), anyone that texts a signup word to your phone number will be added to the group automatically. This makes it easy to advertise your group by saying something like "Text birds to 212-555-1212 to receive our updates."

Group Signup Welcome
This is a message you can send automatically to anyone that joins your group. This can be a simple welcome message (e.g. "Thank you fo signing up for our group.") or can faciliate information dissemination (e.g. "Text birds to 212-555-1212 to learn about the African Swallow", then sending back details and/or a link to a web page).

Please note that both of these features will become functional only after you activate your account.