LEARN: Account/Plans

Your account with GroupText.pro allows you to send messages in the way that you prefer. We offer many plans to fit the organization that just sends a few messages as well as those that will use the system more often. 

Free Trial
We want you to see just how easy our system is to use. So sign up and get 30 days and 50 texts free. Create groups and send some test messages. Texts will be sent using a shared number, which is prominentaly displayed on every dashboard page. There is no credit card required for this. Once you decide to utilize the system for your organization, you can activate your account simply by clicking the "Activate Now" button.

Account Activation
When you activate your account, you will select the plan that fits you the best. Activation is safe and secure and occurs on our encrypted website to protect your information. Activation is immediate and will provide you the following additional benefits:

  1. A dedicated From Number in your selected area code (see "From Number")
  2. Group signup words become active (see "Groups") 

Select the plan that works best for your needs. You can change your plan up or down at any time, and you can cancel at any time. There is no signup fee, commitment or cancellation fee.