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Review posted by okhayat on at

Works Great! [Was: Doesn't work with 5.6.1]

Just requested a refund after waiting for so long to get support as the addon doesn't work!
Got a reply and updated to version 2.9 wich works great with :)

Response by DeWebmakers on at
Sorry, it doesn't work for you...
Best, Corretje
Review posted by Eulalia on at

clean and lean design, smooth operation, attractive

I tried a lot of galleries before finding Highslide for the artist website I'm making. Was the most attractive, not having bothersome nav controls visibly displayed. Loads fast; like the thumbnail cropping, popup pane with email and download links, and the zoom full version. Also like the ability to sort the images. Cheers.

Check it out at:
Review posted by boomgraphics on at

Cleanest html, simplest layout and very easy to understand. Five stars!

This block is fantastic. I am a huge fan of image galleries of all sorts, and have tried many, but the Highslide script combined with this block is the easily one of the best I have ever seen or used. Did I mention clean HTML? It is also extremely easy to style with a few lines of CSS.

You can't go wrong with this one! :-)
Review posted by beeman89045 on at

Very well done ...

Tried just about all the gallery add-ons for C5 and think this one serves my needs best. I only wish it would display in "Set Order" (per the C5 set drag-drop functionality). That doesn't seem to work out of the box, but the end visual result is excellent.
Review posted by stoneyard on at

Very nice way to display photos

We use this block on dozens of pages. Here is an example.
Review posted by tallacman on at

A great addition for my Artists Website

Corretje makes wonderful, easy to use blocks and this is no exception. Looks good "out of the box" so I didn’t add any additional styling.

You can see it in use here:

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