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HTML Plus makes it easier for you to insert an HTML block into your page. HTML is edited in a rich code editor based on the Codemirror Javascript library.

The editors features include

  • Code indenting
  • Syntax and error highlighting
  • Advanced copy / paste
  • Multiple undo / redo states
  • Quick HTML tag snippets
  • Insert links from sitemap
  • Wrapping of long code lines can be toggled
HTML is saved as is so your markup is not edited or proccessed allowing you to insert semantic HTML and other modern HTML markup into your page.

Syntax highlighting supports HTML, CSS and javascript.

I have found this add-on really useful in the sites I make as I find a lot of what I enter into a page is HTML and the current methods either stripped out markup or were hard to use.

This add-on has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE.

It relies on Jquery being loaded which C5 should take care of. Other dependancies are loaded by the add-on.

I am not a PHP developer or full time programmer so I can't guarantee instant support but I will endevour to support this and answer any questions as best I can.

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