Getting Started:

  • In the add/edit block menu click on "add audio file" and choose an mp3 or aac (.m4a) file from the file manager.  
  • Optional: Type in a title to display on the player in the "Display Title" text field or select title or description from the "use file metadata" drop down menu to use the file's title or description property.
  • Optional: Choose a secondary audio format file.  See below for more information.
  • Add the block and publish.

Changing Player Themes:

  • Click on the block in edit mode and choose "Custom Template" from the menu.
  • Pick a theme from the "Custom Template" drop down menu.

About secondary audio files:

Not all browsers (most notably Firefox) support mp3 and/or aac for HTML5 audio.  The secondary audio file option allows you to specify a second file that will be used for HTML5 on Firefox (assuming it's an ogg file).  This is not required because the player will fall back to flash if there is not an HTML5 compatible format available.