Version History

v2.06: making excluded sets also be removed from the sets list on the search filtering if checked. 

v2.05: fix for issue with thumbnail with translations 

v2.04: added note that excluded file sets are overrided by included file sets, and fixed support for non-image file types, so that they're not throwing a warning due to attempted watermarking. 

v2.03: concrete5.5 styling 

v2.02: moved location of "Hide results when not searching" option

v2.01: SQL_BIG_SELECTS fix for when searching through lots of images

v2.0: Added Digital Watermarks

v1.14: added a popup option, with displayed attributes and max image size.

v1.12: added an optional reset button

v1.6: added file id display and search

v1.4: made the search by set logic more efficient, and added search by file id option.

v1.01: added tabs to the edit window, was too many options to grok.