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Review posted by plindelauf on at

Grow a add-on with great support

We're using the plugin for a document downloads section on a site. It works beautifully for that. It has just the right level of versatility that we need. And with the 2 support questions we had, Tony was very responsive and helpful. In short: this is a great buy!

Review posted by kspitzley on at

Excellent add-on, great front-end document/file search

I love this add-on, and for a site with a lot of documents or images it is an wonderful way to allow your users to filter and search. Very flexible, easy to style, and pretty refined in what you can choose to display and search/filter by.
Review posted by witwag on at

Must have

This thing should be part of the core :)
I'm trying it with a series of 1800 sound files and it works like a charm. You can display the search tool with results on the same page, or only the search box and display results on another page, selecting the proper set of files with some nice sorting options, plus the ability to display various attributes.

Together with "Downloads List" addon by Smartwebproject, we get a really nice system for displaying and helping the user browse through a huge list of files. Also quite good for images.

As usual, great work by Tony. And the support is awesome : there was a small thing in the UI that I did not understand, problem solved in a couple hours. Can't get any better.

Before 2.0

Review posted by prema520 on at

Superb building block - Thanks

We're beginners with C5 and loving it. We've done a few commercial projects, some with quite heavy media searching requirements.
Tony's component doesn't just sit on the surface but integrates deeply with the brilliant C5 architecture providing a media search capability with flexibility that we've never thought possible in a relatively low cost plugin.

Strongly recommended for decision support applications where are are currently able to cut costs to our client in half.

Brilliant -- thanks very much
Review posted by abstracts on at


This is a great add-on which works really well with PhotoPro and gave me just what I needed to complete my site. Tony's support is also superb.
Review posted by stoneyard on at

Terrific way to display and search for photos

This block is a terrific way to display and search for all type of photos.

We built the entire "Photo Gallery" section of our website around this module.

Please visit our Gallery page for an example of what you can do with this:

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