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Hi Tony, 2 questions actually:

In pop up mode I would like to change the link that says close (to close the pop up) to a image file . How would I do that?

Is there a way I could have the thumbnails and the larger image on the same page, thumbnails to the side of the image and when you clicked a thumb the image would change?


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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
for the graphical close button, you could just do this with css. it would look something like this:

.tonyPopup_close {
background:url(/path/to/image.png) no-repeat center;

Regarding the image opening up inline, the image search block doesn't really support that kind of thing. The ProPhoto block does offer an interface where the enlarged image can be next to a grid of thumbs, but to place it to the side of that grid you'd need to make a custom template for it.

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