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Hello, I'm trying to force the link to open the "save as" dialog box to download the image file. I've tried adding the HTML5 "download" attribute as follows: (line #104 in view.php)
<a href="<?php  echo $fv->getURL();?>" download class="jl_thumbnails_with_links_image_link" rel="jl_thumbnails_with_links_image_group"> <?php  $im->outputThumbnail($f, 150, 150);?> </a>

but that doesn't work in IE or Safari.
Any help is much appreciated!!!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The method you need is getDownloadURL(). It works on the file version object.

Also, I think the original List Files From Set default template provides download URLS

If you want to build a massively capable File List, have a look at Uber List

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