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Before 1.3

Review posted by MrKDilkington on at

A painless way to reduce page loading time

I honestly think everyone with server sudo access should use this add-on.

I tested the Image Optimizer add-on to see what kind of file savings were possible. It looks like all images will be optimized, at least a modest amount, but poorly optimized JPEG and PNG files are greatly reduced in size.

- A large PNG file with a transparent background was 484KB. After optimizing it was 156KB.
- A medium size JPEG file was 44KB. After optimizing it was 23KB.

The savings will depend on the image and if it is already optimized or semi-optimized.

I can see this add-on being used in combination with the core Image Uploading automatic resize feature. This would address the common problem of users uploading very large, unoptimized images and damaging page load performance.

1.3 -

Review posted by ramonleenders on at

Great for reducing size for both site-visitors AND Google (PageSpeed Insights)

Installs fairly easy, although you'd need server access to require some libraries to get this thing going. Once downloaded, you're up and running in a matter of seconds. Click click and automate the "Job" to optimize your images once every [x] days!

Lot of my clients are still on 5.7.x though, so unfortunately only for those clients updating to 8.x or new projects.

Google will like this Add-On too.

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