Enabling Automatic Fetching

To enable automatic fetching of your feed images, you need to configure the 'Automated Job' for the add-on.

  • Search for 'Automated Jobs' in the Intelligent Search and visit the dashboard page.
  • Find the job listed as Fetch Instagram Images and click on the clock symbol to its right.
  • In the dialog that appears you can either select to run the job when the site is visit, or 'Through Cron'
  • Either method will work with this Automated Job, but the latter requires you to be familar with setting up cron tasks on a server.
  • It is suggested that you set up this Automated Job to run a few times a day, perhaps every 6 hours.

Note: if you have multiple Feeds configured, each time the automated job will run it will only fetch images for one of the feeds at a time. So if you have two feeds registered and you want them to both update every four hours, you will need to schedule the automated job to run every two hours - half the time.