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Review posted by poddy123 on at

Difficult to set up and a bit limited...but does work

I do like the idea and I think they should improve this add-on. It could be very good. I found the possible graph layouts limiting. I also found it hard to set up as the tables need to be in a strict format. This was only really an issue as there is no docs or help for set-up.

I also found it cant handle negative numbers so in the end i bailed and used Google chart api (which is really quite amazing but you need to be able to program / set it up).

So all in all, could be good but in current state (especially with limited docs and support) it wasnt good enough.

I wanted a refund (as it actually won't chart negative numbers)...didn't get a response. Im not being harsh...graphs should handle simple data sets.


Response by jb1 on at
For other potential customers, all these issues have been addressed:
1) Sample HTML code and more doco added at:
2) We created a separate add-on for more advanced charting requirements, including support for negative numbers, which can be viewed at:
Adam, if you ever need a copy of Advanced Charts, just let me know and I'll be happy to provide you with a free licence.

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