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Review posted by banditetr on at

A must have for the old concrete

when you are building a site with multiple languages then this is a must have for you.
Review posted by bek on at

very, very disappointed at first, but great after all....

I got this add-on with high hopes, but unfortunately it will not install, or rather it does install, It just doesn't appear on my dashboard. The support docs are pretty flimsy & to compound my frustration I can't submit a support question about this unless I pay $60 for a 30 day support package - $60!!!! Each time I try and email the C5 team, the whole C5 system just hangs. I've give this a miss. Personally I'd rather pay for the add-on & have free support.

After a bit of uninstalling & reinstalling, clearing of the cache, cups of coffee etc, etc This suddenly appeared on my desktop. Not sure what the problem was but now it is working it is a great add on & exactly what I was after :)
Response by frz on at
Sounds like you've had bad luck on this. Not sure there's really much we can do. Our forums work well here but sometimes if you leave a window open for a long time before hitting reply you get the behavior you're describing. Just reload the page first.

Regarding installing the add-on, perhaps you're trying to install it on 5.7 which it wasn't made for? Can't really say with out any details
best wishes!
Review posted by wyso on at

nav block fix

Here's a quick fix for the nav block to add home page as well. Instructions are included too:

Don't forget to give the parent page "exclude from nav" attribute (from site's "properties"), if you want to make it not visible in root navigation menu.

You can name the alias (page slug) for the main site of the translation to the shortcut (like "en"), to make it look really pro.

And voila!
Review posted by tobyme on at

Very Useful - bargain for being free and C5 suits this functionality well.

This is a great simple plugin. It does what it says and it does so nice and clearly. I didn't need any premium features.

Internationalisation / Multi language functionality does through up some interesting issues such as how to treat the autonav, and other minor issues but I think it is great.

One request which I will send through is I think it would be a handy option if the addon automatically added the a page attribute to the relevant page of that page's language so one can easily code in HTML variants within one template and detect a page's language.
Review posted by webtodesigns on at


Great product, does the job perfectly, the only issue that I have, is when adding a default redirect to the language of choice i.e the site loads a little bit slower (I am guessing maybe because of the redirect), maybe edit the htaccess for a 301 redirect for apache users?

Review posted by ronyDdeveloper on at

Excelent add-on for free

I've been using this add-on for several projects and so far it fulfill my needs. Excellent! +1

Review posted by nforcer on at


Duplicates files, so it is useless at the moment. You can not add a page to one language and then use this tool to get the "placeholders" for this page as it will duplicate all old pages, too.
Response by MattWaters on at
Hello nforcer,

Thanks for your feedback. I believe we'll have a fix for this issue soon. If you want to check in on development and take a look at what's in the works, please see the GitHub repo here:

Please keep in mind that that code is still in development and not fully tested, so I would refrain from deploying on a live site for now. Stay tuned.
Review posted by Justin1978 on at

Major bug

Our company used this package on two websites, in both websites it would duplicate pages eventhough a page was already associated with it. In the first website it would place duplicated pages under the wrong parent page. We had to put in a lot of overtime to fix the problem and the sitemap. It has already been reported as a bug and I would discourage using it untill it is fixed.
Response by MattWaters on at
Thank you for taking the time to write a review. The core team, along with several other community members, have been working on getting this issue resolved.

If you're interested in checking in on their progress and seeing what's up, the GitHub repository is available here:

I *think* there may already be some commits that address the problem but I personally haven't yet had a chance to test them first-hand:

Since that is a development version, I would recommend deploying on a test site and do some trials before putting it on a live / client site.

We should have an update for the add-on sometime in the near future, as priorities allow. Stay tuned. Thanks again for your patience.
Review posted by nearest on at


Amazingly ideal. Recommend the video documentation too, very well done.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Build multilingual web site easily

Makes it rather easy to build multilingual web sites. Yes, you could do this from the scratch, but you would have to build the navigation manually to link pages 1:1.
Review posted by madelyn on at


Build a multilingual site with this addon.

I recomend.

Madelyn :-)
Review posted by pdcouto on at

Wonderfull Add-On

Wonderfull and easy to apply add-on. A must on international sites and a push to all C5.

However, some questions might arise if you are on a Windows server, related to cache or temp directory.

Dificult to customize flags, but with patience I will find out how.
Review posted by clintre on at

Yeah this is a must for international sites

Working on a global community site. Now I have some work to give to the global team ;)
Review posted by admin on at

The one I was waiting for!

After installing the add-on on my test site, I know, this is the add-on, I was waiting for. Great work!
Review posted by nafassait on at

Great and Most Awaited Add-On!!

I have installed and tested this add-on in our on going multilingual site. Great one, reduced the development time rapidly. Of course, this will contribute to the popularity of concrete5.
Review posted by maar on at

This add-on is just SMART

We have just been testing the Internationalization add-on. And what an experience. It is one of the smartest developments I've seen in Concrete5 since I became acquainted with Concrete5.
Review posted by cali on at

very powerfull addon :)

just to say that's a very powerfull addons :) easy to use and understand.

ps: for french speaking peaople a doc is available here:

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