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Review posted by wildapple on at

Great Turnkey Add-on - very flexible!

This is a very good App and with a little setup time we were able to configure exactly the way we needed it to work using the C5 page attributes. Tony is constantly improving his documentation and is very responsive w/ support if you require assistance.
Review posted by VPenkov on at

Not cool

Bought and used the job board package. Lots of functionality, but it doesn't compensate for the hard coded employment types. Doesn't fully comply with MVC convetions regarding displaying job search/result modules. There's just one template for displaying 3 separate datasets and the giant if-else statements for each dataset were completely independent.

We had a really tough time almost reverse-engineering the code to re-implement it into the project. Lots of if-else blocks where switch-case statements would have been better used. Complete lack of documentation (at least we found none), and poor code comments - complicates API usage. Almost impossible to extend and further develop this package due to the facts posted.

3 star rating because the package isn't bad if you're not into code and are willing to accept something half-complete in terms of workflow and design. Would have given 4 if there was more code comments, even though it lacks documentation. I wouldn't really recommend this for commercial purposes. Tony, my suggestion is to release this free and open-source, there might be people willing to complete what you have started.
Response by Tony on at
The jobs board DOES NOT have hardcoded employment types. They are set up as page attributes, just as are every other job attribute relating to job listings. The only place where they are "hard coded" is as sample data within the package controller, as a way to populate some example job listings, and those shouldn't need to ever be edited directly in the code. Instead those can be done through the dashboard's page attributes interface. I'm going to make sure that's better documented so other users don't run into the same issue.

btw, if you are having issues with any of the packages you buy from, in the future you may want to consider taking the time to open up a support ticket. I can't speak for everyone, but I spend a lot of hours each week answering people's questions when they're having issues, and often update my packages pretty rapidly to address user's concerns. Apart from the thing about the attribute types I appreciate the feedback though. No plans to release this one as open source since most people I've chatted with about it have been pretty positive. Will work tonight on adding better documentation.
Review posted by badams48 on at

Terrific Add-On for Recruiting Sites

Very well done and the perfect piece to complete my recruiting site. Had some self-inflicted issues, and Tony has been very responsive... great support. A very professional touch.

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