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Galleria plugin story

Galleria comes with a history plugin that can be used to make permalinks of images. This is useful if you have one large gallery, f.ex a fullscreen theme, but it's usefulness is limited if you have more than one gallery on a page. The History plugin is a fork of the great jQuery Address Plugin by Rostislav Hristov, adjusted fo fit Galleria


  • Galleria theme support *new
  • Lightbox support (with resizing capabilities) *new
  • Display one of your fileset
  • Display or not thumbnails
  • Choose width and height of your galleria or let it auto
  • Display carousel or not
  • Slideshow and keyboard features
  • Crop the picture, the thumbnails or not
  • Choose the transition animation and transition speed
  • and many other feature present here

Look at the demo

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