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Review posted by jdsteknik on at

No improvement over free galleria

Sorry to be so negative but I paid for this since I didn't like the fact that the free galleria doesn't create real thumbs but just scales the original pictures, which means that if you have many large pictures, it takes forever for the page to load. A good implementation would create thumbs, not scale. But this galleria has the same major flaw. Plus several other bugs and missing settings, see my posted question. I recommend the free galleria.
Response by sebastienj on at
Thanks for review. Now the galleria wil resize and crop image if option is enabled. More : the size of the lightbox will be set separately. An more options like image pan !
Review posted by deleted1 on at


This works great, it's easy and made me look smart! Thanks!
Review posted by studio108 on at

Great addon!

This addon was exactly what I was looking for. Was able to adjust the CSS and JS to suit my site requirements.
Review posted by pixmonkey on at

Quick and easy to implement

I was able to have this add on up and running quickly and customized to fit my layout. I would definitely buy this add on again for other projects.
Review posted by dazb84 on at

Very good

Very good implementation of the Galleria JavaScript gallery into Concrete5. Installed and running in 10 minutes with no problems.

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