I am away from my development system from 9 December 'till the end of the month. I anticipate being online every few days to check support.

jQuickie Resources Bundle1

Check out the Double Quickie deal and the fantastic Developer Bundle.

A selection of graphics, slider, form validation and table scripts as assets for the jQuickie add-on.

Warning - This add-on will not install unless you already have the jQuickie add-on.

Includes many popular scripts and some that I just wanted to have a play with:

  • Fancybox and other lightbox clones
  • Sliders
  • Scrollers
  • Tables
  • Validation
  • Browser Detection

Further script resources will be included upon popular request, or you can easily add your own resources bundles by following the simple package structure.


To get started, please read the jQuickie documentation page.

Anyone using jQuickie should have some JavaScript development experience and be capable of using the browser Developer Console to diagnose script file collision problems and script errors.

Support for jQuickie extends to the addon itself, but not to debugging any scripts bundled for jQuickie or developed using jQuickie. For general scripting help, please ask on the Concrete5 forums. 

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