Version History

1.4.3 - Changed the default for the site session detection to false.
1.4.2 - Fixed the section detection on single pages to follow the session locale set from multilingual.
1.4.1 - Minor bugfixes regarding to file/directory level permissions issues.
1.4.0 - UI changes for concrete5.6.
1.3.3 - Fixed a bug in installing language when incorrect locale was detected to be the current locale
1.3.2 - Updated database libraries. There was a problem with the country-ip mappings import
1.3.1 - Fixed display of the language listing menu
1.3 - Changed how the basic detection modes (site/dashboard) work, it should now be more consistently working throughout different popup windows etc. Added interface translations for dashboard.
1.2.4 - Added template for auto-nav block displaying the first parent page
1.2.3 - Fixed en_GB issue when set to one language section, en_US still preferred as English default
1.2.2 - Fixed sorting issues in database queries, fixed a small bug in the .po/.mo conversion
1.2.1 - UI style fixes
1.2 - Updated to use Mainio Tech language repository, fixed dashboard dropdown when user changes language during the session
1.1.3 - Fixes with database model and installed languages
1.1.2 - More 5.5 fixes
1.1.1 - Fixed to support the latest version of the Internationalization add-on
1.1 - UI Changes for concrete5.5. - Minor fix when using the site structure detection with Multilingual add-on. - Minor change to how the library overrider class gets the package handle. Updated configuration to save package specific config values.
1.0.5 - Moved configuration to be handled by Config class instead of static file (configuration will be saved although package was updated) - Added error handling for language install and wrtiting to the languages directory. Updated translation template and Finnish translation. - Fixed a bug in the PEAR PO-file reader
1.0.4 - Removed short tags - Fix for windows environments
1.0.3 - Improved configuration handling: force redirect - Fixed a bug in detection when default language is other than en_US - Fixed Windows problem in language_detect helper - Fixed file permission problems - Added exception to the installation process if permissions are not set correctly.
1.0.2 - Fixed error during the installation if permissions are not set correctly. Also small update to the language detector class (integration fix).
1.0.1 - Fixed a small bug in user-defined language detection
1.0 - Initial release