• Install language packages with just a few clicks from the concrete5  online translation repository
  • Redirect visitors to different language versions (language pages) based on the user’s  language, multiple detection criteria available
    • By current browser language
    • By user’s IP address geolocation
    • By the user-defined language in concrete
  • Redirection to default language if language detection fails (e.g. the site does not have a language version available for any of the user’s browser languages)
  • Easily manage the priorities of these detections methods, e.g. which detection criteria will be primarily used

For concrete5 versions prior to 5.4.2

The Language Manager provides the language versioning functionality on your site for concrete or newer.

Here's what's additionally available as "new" functionality for versions before 5.4.2:

  • Create the site structure for each language version on your site
  • Add a language selector to your theme (through Loader::element() function)