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Lerteco Membership Commerce


Lerteco Membership Commerce allows you to sell and report on sales of product subscriptions through your concrete5 site. Use it to sell anything that you can offer electronically through your site -- software, courses, webcasts, information, or even just to manage club or group membership.

The add-on works by setting up and selling products, which have a name, description, price, one or more groups, a duration, and some other data. You can also create discounts which can be applied to the products in order to decrease the price (either in absolute or percentage terms).

After a user (either a registered or an anonymous user -- in which case an account will be created on their behalf) purchases one of these products, a transaction will be logged and they’ll be placed into one or more groups. Once in a group, you can use concrete5’s built-in permissions to manage the users’ access to your content.

Membership Commerce supports permanent memberships in the group(s), fixed-date memberships, and duration-based memberships (ie, 4 weeks, 1 year, etc) and manages expirations (where the user is to be removed from the group) and renewals (where the user purchases, e.g., a second month one week before their first month of membership expires). Emails can be sent to the member to warn them that their membership is about to expire and that it has expired.

The payment is processed through either Paypal web payments or Authorize.net. With Paypal, you'll receive the money instantly.

You simply link to a page within your sitemap (using any block that links to pages such as the content block, the image block, or even your auto-nav), which then redirects the user to the checkout page.

Successful transactions are logged for reporting purposes. You can sort and filter by all the basic fields, including dates.

Check out the live demo, the features list, the detailed documentation, or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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