Version History

1.0.6 - Jul 2011 - Fixed javascript bug
* Fix for nonreproducible javascript bug
1.0.5 - Jun 2011 - Reverted direct path change
* Reverted change in 1.0.4 that used direct path; C5 creates a differently named file when new version is created
1.0.4 - Jun 2011 - UTF-8 support, basic MS Word support, and default <p> tag
* Added support for UTF-8 characters; now converted to HTML entities (e.g. curly quote becomes &lsquo;)
* Added support for MSWord; now Filters out DOCTYPE and comments that appear when pasting from MS Word
* Further clean inserted spans (due to Chrome and Safari)
* Inserted images now use direct path rather than /download_file/view_inline; will be much faster
* Initialized empty text fields now include a default <p> tag
1.0.2 - May 2011 - CSS and htmLawed fixes
* Fixed bug where floated element is covered up because lc-content is position: relative
* Fixed bug where htmLawed uses xHMTL standards, which are then filtered out
1.0.1 - May 2011 - Bug fixes for non-typical C5 installations
* Fixed bug where div#page wrapper (as is typical in core templates) was required
* Fixed bug where c5 is hosted in subdirectory (ie,

1.0.0 - Apr 2011 - Bug fixes for corner cases, cleaning up UI
* The "page is pending approval" dialog box stays open for a much longer period of time
* Editing panel is now placed directly on top of the editing area if there is no room at top or bottom
* Changes to the 'edit' (pencil) button: always shown, but translucent and smaller until hover
* Removed instructional text from empty editing area. The translucent 'edit' (pencil) button provides hint on what to do
* htmLawed now allows br's 

0.9.3 - Apr 2011 - Feature updates and bug fixes based on initial usage
* Added calls to htmLawed to strip out any tags not possibly allowed by simple_content
* Added functionality to add external links
* Added button to remove link
* Added button to remove formatting
* Changes to panel width to support new buttons
* Changes to make package easier to integrate with the core content package
* Fixed bug with "Approve Version" dialog that pops up
* Fixed bug where block id's get updated
* Fixed bugs with safari (that weren't present in chrome)
* Fixed panel z-index so that it's below c5's dialog overlay
0.9.0 - Feb 2011 - Initial Release