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Easiest End-User Tool for Adding/Editing Content

Always with respect to the core beauty of C5, the Lertico Simple Content (LSC) add-on renders the entire end-user editing process vastly simpler than the standard C5 default editing process. I'm building an extensive community site that will have potentially hundreds of end-users, mostly at little or no skill level, and my main concern with C5 (which I'm already committed to) is the labyrinthine process of entering, modifying, exiting, and saving processes required. Too many steps for unsophisticated users, with lots of room for potential disaster.

Enter Lertico Simple Content. Working with James (the highly responsive developer of this awesome add-on) today, we managed to have it even working inside another add-on, the also amazing Area Splitter. End-users don't ever have to enter C5's edit mode, yet can easily modify authorized content to their heart's desire. And now, to mine.

If you manage many users with site content access, and don't have time to train them on C5's processes or feel they're not up to it, don't hesitate to buy LSC. It's worth every penny.
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this is a great addon, makes using c5 even simpler. And its free too!

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