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Review posted by serdarde on at


This is definetely what I need! Thank you very much!
Review posted by drbiskit on at

Very useful, + a no brainer to use...

This is a great add-on that serves a very useful purpose. Works straight out the box, and easy to extend. Love it!

Thanks for keeping it free - Good work Mesuva!
Review posted by dantheman on at

Perfect and simple

This really is a perfect add-on. It works exactly as you would expect and is a lovely quick way of displaying a file set on a page. The options are intelligent and flexible. Many thanks to the developer.
Review posted by bbeng89 on at

Simple and flexible add-on

I have ended up using this add-on on almost every site I've created. My favorite part about it is how extensible it is. Just by creating simple custom templates I've been able to create photo galleries, sliders, and more. This is definitely a must-have add-on. Very well done!
Review posted by jackbasting on at

Great add-on

Just where I was looking for!
Review posted by Grayda on at

A must-have for every site

This addon does what it says on the tin and does it really well. I've got it installed on almost all of my sites, whether I need it or not, simply because it feels like it should be in the core!
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Simple, effective and a useful building block.

I used this as the basis for cooking up an image thumbnail list template. The view is well structured and was easy to work with, so putting together the list template I needed was easy to do.

If I had to make an improvement, I think the edit dialog could benefit from some tabs in place of scrolling, but that is not enough of a change to rate this addon as any less than 5 stars.
Response by mesuva on at
Thanks John,

I did see your post for the image thumbnails, I just haven't had a chance to have a good look at what you've created. I would be keen to include your template in a future release, it could see it being really handy.

I agree with you about the tabs - I'll be honest and say at the time I didn't actually know how to do them, I was just focused on the core functionality. So perhaps I'll add them in a future update.

Review posted by povirtual on at

Great add-on

Very flexible and easy to use plugin.
Also, great support from the developer.

Review posted by kdyer on at

Very helpful add-on

This has to be one of the coolest add-ons out there! You have a list of files - this is what you need on your site. Did make a suggestion (request), and the Author responded back almost instantly. Definitely worth it!

I would gladly pay $15-$30 for this one.

Thank you,

Review posted by clintre on at

Simple and effective

Makes adding a file list much easier. Good script and well desplayed.
Review posted by witwag on at


Does what it says, and does it well. Top notch support : Mesuva corrected a small QA problem within a few hours. And it's free ! Recommended to have in your C5 arsenal.
Review posted by conwaykyle on at


Exactly what I needed! Thanks!
Response by mesuva on at
You've very welcome!

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