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Review posted by hhockx on at

A great and useful add-on for small businesses

This block makes it very easy to add a Live Chat function to your website based. I've installed it today on my website about career management and coaching ( running Concrete 5 version
The actual chat functionality comes from that offers some nice ways adapt the looks of the chat function to the look and feel of your website.

Bedankt Ramon Leenders voor dit handige blokje voor Concrete5!
Response by ramonleenders on at
And thanks to you for the positive review. Hope the live chat can help you coach others even more than before. Happy chatting!
Review posted by jzalvarez on at

Best Chat Ever!

I have been looking for a live chat in the realm of Concrete5 for a while. But, now I don't have to look any more, and it's free! I have tried it out, and it is wonderful, it even has an app for Android phones. I have been with Concrete5 for a long time now, and if these add-ons keep the pace it will be unstoppable. Keep up the great work Concrete5 community.
If you build it, they will come.
Review posted by mnakalay on at


I have been looking through chat scripts after script and I can't believe I never heard of Tawk.
I can't believe they offer so much for free AND promise it will remain so.

This add-on does an excellent job at bringing Tawk's chat to your site. Multi agents, multi language, custom design, desktop notifications, desktop and mobile apps....

Just one piece of advice: for the love of everything that's holy turn off the message warning sound in the settings or lower the volume on your computer. That thing will drive you insane...

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