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Review posted by pmlmedia on at

Loads JQuery in every page in C5 - perfect!

I just wanted to make a basic modal window which opens after my homepage has loaded - quite easy with jQuery UI - but I had real difficulty loading the required jQuery libraries in C5.
With this add on, I can simply and easily add scripts to my site's page templates.
This add on saved my bacon! Thank a million JohntheFish - another great add on.
Review posted by baxtereaves on at

Does what it says

I wish that C5 had this functionality by default (seems like a no brainer), but whateves. This is an awesome add-on and does what is says superbly.
Review posted by akingston on at

Gets frontend jquery working perfectly

One bad thing about Concrete5 is the inability for jquery to work properly on the frontend of a site. It works fine when logged in and editing a page but mot when logged out. I even tried adding the code that this addon adds after seeing it in a forum post but I must have been doing something wrong. Thankfully this sorted it anyway.

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