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If you find yourself using Load jQuery.UI often in conjunction with some JavaScript in an html (or other) block, then perhaps you are frustrated by some of the following:

- typos in the html block resulting in JavaScript failures.
- Having to add code 'if edit mode'
- Need to load other common resources.
- Need to catch exceptions.
- Need to add ready event handlers.

Maybe you should have a look at jQuickie.http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/jquickie/...

Straight up, you could do it all the hard way using a plain html block. But that is like saying 'Why do I need Concrete5 when I could do the same with php?'.

jQuickie wraps your script in common infrastructure like exception handlers, edit mode conditions, and ready handlers; loads resources to the header or footer; provides a code editor with syntax highlighting, folding and undo/redo; and uses jsHint to analyse and validate your code.

Like Concrete5 saves you time and mistakes that could be blown on direct php and html coding, jQuickie saves you time and mistakes that could be blown inserting JavaScript into html blocks.


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