1. Open a Localizer account at

  2. Configure your site settings at (complete integration).

  3. Add the Localizer block to your site. The block should be added globally.

  4. After adding the Localizer block a Localizer Authorization window will be opened.

  5. Enter your Localizer account credentials and click Save. (this will install a Localizer javascript to your site)

  6. Access the Localizer editor by adding '?localizer' parameter to your site`s root folder (e.g. or openeing it at by clicking 'Launch Localization Manager'.

  7. You can always close the Localizer editor by clicking on the exit icon (top right corner).

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IMPORTANT: Please note that localhost is not supported as a Site URL at If you want to test your site locally the Localizer Editor should be opened manually from the site`s root folder(e.g. http://localhost/concrete5/?localizer)