Login Redirect

If you're running an Extranet or Intranet with concrete5 and you want to send specific users to specific destinations on login, this is the add-on for you. Perhaps each user has their own project page you want to send them to or maybe you want to force a certain group of users to visit the "news" page the next time they login, etc. This add-on creates an attribute for each user that defines where they will go on the next login. 

  • use concrete5's user manager to assign a login location to all users by using groups or search terms.
  • redirect users anywhere, a local page - or even a 3rd party URL. 
  • set it up to redirect the user JUST the next time they login, or EVERY time they login
  • works well with existing redirection options in concrete5 core, resetting to the default behavior after a single redirect if desired.
  • Redirect users on login based on their groups


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