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Review posted by madesimplemedia on at

Great extra functionality

I can see myself using this add-on a lot.

My client wanted a user set up so that the HR team could just login and edit only the careers page.

Easy to do with site permissions and then with this add-on I could redirect the HR user straight to the careers page to make life very easy for my client.

Thanks! :)
Review posted by 3hawk on at

Excellent, does its job without modification or hairpulling

My client has both partners and customers on their site, and we can fine-tune where each group and subgroup of each goes. Well worth the price.
Review posted by imJack on at

Works wonderful!

Love it. Does what I need it to, and will be easy for my client to manage as well.
Review posted by gtrhough on at

Great Addon!

One site I built was an online digital filing system with several hundred users all with access to different parts of the site. This add-on allowed me to very easily control where people went when they logged in. VERY HUGE time saver!!!
Review posted by clintre on at

Wow I never knew

Most sites I build had no need for this. However after building a global community sites where people will be going to over 100 different "communities" within the site, was going to be painful without this!!

Great job, as always!
Review posted by senshidigital on at

Great add-on

This is a great add-on. We are currently re-designing our website which will contain a client area and this is exactly what we need.
Review posted by lchestnut on at

Outstanding add-on & support

This add-on is exactly what I needed for a client website but the service provided was fantastic.

Thank you Ryan for addressing my issue quickly & resolving it in hours.


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