"I forgot" links - how are these handled?

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Firstly thanks for this - a really helpful addon for 5.7 and I'm sure will be very well used!

We're building our first site using 5.7 and included this login block as the main means of signin. The issue comes from the "I forgot" links, which point tohttps://sitename.com/login/forgot-username/... and alsohttps://sitename.com/login/forgot/,... respectively for forgotten username and forgotten password. The problem I have is that the redirected addresses give an error code; "An unexpected error occurred. Invalid Authentication Type Handle.".

Any ideas?


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companyou replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Seniorb,

Thanks for using the addon. Hope it will help you a lot.

The forgot links you are using are incorrect.
They Should be:
/login/<Authentication Type Handle>/forgot_password

Auth handle could be something like:
That would get you:

How did you get to those forgot links?

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