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Review posted by KaiTrallafitti on at

Very well

Very well done!!!
Review posted by davew1962 on at

Easy to use

just found this on the site, and its just what i needed for my site, works well thanks.
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

Very nice

Easy to use and very helpful. Thanks :)
Review posted by willycan on at

Very Handy

Great freebee! Thanks for providing this.
Review posted by canvasdreams on at

Awesome Addon

Free, simple, well laid out.

I agree that a 'Remain login check box' would be nice. I also wouldn't mind this either using the System & Registration settings for where to redirect to once logged input. But, both have proven easy enough to hack.

Overall a great addition to the community.
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at


Used it with Mega-Menu, did what it was supposed to do. Will use again.
Review posted by dkroy on at

Easy to Edit View

This simple login block does what it says, and is easy to edit when you wish to change the view.
Review posted by wagdi on at


A great block for allowing registered users to login. Also has a 'register link' which just looks pro.. an' all for FREE!

Great job!!
Review posted by clintre on at

Simple, needs a bit more

but hey it is free! Needs the aforementioned check box to stay logged in and registration link. Easy enough to hack it in though.
Review posted by Wasabiface on at

Nice addition but yes missing a couple of features

As JohntheFish mentioned - this is a better user experience but is lacking in features such as - check this box to stay logged in. It does however have a link to register which may not have been part of the product previously.

Overall great and for the price ($0) perfect.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Good, but missing some features

Overall a better user experience than having to click to the regular login page, but does not have the checkbox to stay logged in or the link to register.
Response by PortlandLabs on at
Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know that Version 1.1 has an option to include a link to register, as well as a field to customize the link text-- this option should be available when you add a new block.

We'll definitely look into adding the "stay logged in" checkbox in the next version.

Thanks for the review!

concrete5 Team
Review posted by madelyn on at

Just i needed!!

Just i needed for my education project.

Justo lo que necesitaba para mi nuevo proyecto para la educación.
Review posted by 311Media on at

code for showing username once logged in

This obviously should have been part of the add on. Its in 5 places in the forum but here it is for your convenience. This is a modified view.php file in the packages-login-block-login folder

defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die(_("Access Denied."));
global $c;

$loginURL= $this->url('/login', 'do_login' );

.login_block_form .loginTxt{ font-weight:bold }
.login_block_form .uNameWrap{ margin:8px 0px; }
.login_block_form .passwordWrap{ margin-bottom:8px;}
.login_block_form .login_block_register_link{margin-top:8px; font-size:11px}
$u = new User();
if( $u->checkLogin()){
// If user is logged in
$ui = UserInfo::getByID($u->getUserID());
$userName = $u->getUserName();
<div class="login_block_form" >
<p>Welcome <?php echo $userName;?></p>
<P>You are logged in. </P>
<p> <a href="<?=View::url('/login','logout');?>">Logout</a></p>


} else {
// If no user is logged in display login form
<form class="login_block_form" method="post" action="<?php echo $loginURL?>">
<?php if($returnToSamePage ){ ?>
<input type="hidden" name="rcID" id="rcID" value="<?php echo $c->getCollectionID(); ?>" />
<?php } ?>

<div class="loginTxt"><?php echo t('Login')?></div>

<div class="uNameWrap">
<label for="uName"><?php if (USER_REGISTRATION_WITH_EMAIL_ADDRESS == true) { ?>
<?php echo t('Email Address')?>
<?php } else { ?>
<?php echo t('Username')?>
<?php } ?></label><br/>
<input type="text" name="uName" id="uName" <?php echo (isset($uName)?'value="'.$uName.'"':'');?> class="ccm-input-text">
<div class="passwordWrap">
<label for="uPassword"><?php echo t('Password')?></label><br/>
<input type="password" name="uPassword" id="uPassword" class="ccm-input-text">

<div class="loginButton">
<?php echo $form->submit('submit', t('Sign In') . ' &gt;')?>

<?php if($showRegisterLink){ ?>
<div class="login_block_register_link"><a href="<?php echo View::url('/register')?>"><?php echo $registerText?></a></div>

<?php } ?>


<?php }?>
Review posted by 311Media on at

Show login name

Asking the same question

This addon is really useful for quick logons, but still shows the username and password fields even once the user is loggen in. Is there a fix for this?
Posted by Kamikengen on May 08th, 2010

Should be an easy if statement for a php weenie (which I'm not) THANKS
Review posted by Kamikengen on at

Nice, but still falls short.

This addon is really useful for quick logons, but still shows the username and password fields even once the user is loggen in. Is there a fix for this?
Review posted by alemao on at

works now

now it works pretty well well done
Review posted by alemao on at

does work only partly with c5 5.3.2

I have tried the login block with 5.3.2 it shows up and i can log in but after login the login block still appears not like before where it welcomed the user, link to his profile and the logout link.

Any help?
Review posted by ymne on at

Dearly appreciated...

Thanks for this usefull package. Still need development on the option to redirect to:
- Home webpage
- Profile user webpage
- a specific webpage

Hope to see this feature very soon. Keep the good work. The best is yet to come.

Review posted by RetiredTeacherD on at

Found the fix

Hey, I was searching around the forums and found how to enable registeration in the dashboard. Now it works fine. Thanks
Review posted by RetiredTeacherD on at

I have C5.3.2 this does not work for me

I was able to download and install through the Add Functionality. Then I went to the home page and added the login as a block and placed it. I checked, show register. The register process goes to a page that does not exist.

I have found no where for an answer. Sorry to bother, I would have fixed it on my own if I could have found a solution.


PS: Anyone know how I can get a forum working with C5. The site I am building wants a forum. I could see no add-ons that did that. Do I have to us an external forum?
Review posted by synlag on at

use the form helper

this block could be tweaked a lot

- using class formHelper
- if logged in show link to profile and logout, hide register
- show checkbox to save if a user wants to remain logged in after leaving the site
- add styles via addHeaderItem...
Review posted by StvCummins on at

Problem with install

I've added other functionality thru the marketplace but am having a problem installing this add on. I get this message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class LoginPackage in /home/morete/public_html/concrete5/packages/login/controller.php on line 5

Can anyone help?
Review posted by brandonkem on at

New users

This login works fine.
I am however wondering about the new user registrations.
Actually walking a new user through the registration is no problem.
The problem arises with activating new users from the admin side.
Is there a way to filter new users quickly?
It no problem when there is only a few users signing up however; if this were to become a bunch, it would be very time consuming for the admin.
Review posted by Brian on at

Right you are.

Yes I was adding this via the blocks folder. Has that routine now changed for addons?...and it has now installed, Thanks very much.
Review posted by Tony on at

Brian - wrong directory

Brian, with an error like that I'm guessing that you've added this packaged block to your blocks directory. It should be in your packages directory.
Review posted by Brian on at


I tried to install this block and now my "add functionality" page does not work.

It comes up with
"An unexpected error occurred.
LoginBlockController not found. Please check that the block controller file contains the correct class name."
Review posted by ideasponge on at

Tweaked Login Template

This custom template for the Login Block will hide the login form when the user is already logged in, displaying their Username. (rename to .php and put in the "/blocks/login/templates" Directory)
Review posted by ideasponge on at

Cool Add on

Allows for more customized Web user experience. Being able to quickly login to a site is IMHO pretty important. With a custom Block Template this add-on really shines.

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