Version History

Always update Magic Data and eCommerce before updating this addon.

1.6 - php7 compatibility

1.5 - New Magic Data powered Cost Basis plugins for Zone Based Shipping

1.4.7 - New symbol LIST_RECENT_COMMON_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS, list most popular products by counting the number of orders they have appeared in, irrespective of the quantity in an order.

1.4.6 - New symbols for listing product sets and matching a product set to a similarly named page LIST_PRODUCT_SETS, LIST_ALL_PRODUCT_SETS, PRODUCT_SET_NAME, PRODUCT_SET_PAGE.

1.4.5 - Enhancements to product block templates and list continuity.

1.4.2 - Fix issues with quantity in ADD_TO_CART_BUTTON and multiple buttons.

1.4.1 - More symbols for working with product pages.

1.4 - New Magic Data powered discount and shipping types.

1.3 - Multiple new symbols for recent purchase lists and inserting an add-to-cart button.

1.2 - Improved diagnostics for symbol tester

1.1 - More symbols for working within product pages and product lists

1.0 - Initial release