Documentation for individual symbols is provided by the built in help and is also available on the online symbols and documentation pages. Simply select the Magic Data Forms CSV Interface package in the 'Filter by add-on package' search box to see full documentation with examples.


Installation Requirements

To install Magic Data Forms CSV Interface, you will need to have already installed Magic DataMagic Data Symbols and Magic Data Forms. You will probably also want to install Magic Data Templates.

Magic Data Forms CSV Interface actually provides two interfaces for CSV files:

  • CSV File With Header
  • CSV File No Header
Installation will automatically scan these interfaces and add them to Magic Data Forms


For files with a header row, the names of columns / fields are taken from the header row. For files without a header row, the names of columns / fields are automatically assigned headings col:0 to col:NN.

All Magic Data Forms symbols can be used to interrogate and pull data from CSV files with one exception. Deletion of entires is not supported through the DELETE_FORM_RESPONSE symbol.

Additional interface specific symbols are provided to optionally:

  • Set which column / field to use as a date column for sorting and selecting by date sequence.
  • Set a number of rows to skip at the top of the file, so introductory information can be ignored.

Please refer to the built in help popovers for details or the online documentstion.

To select an interface to a CSV file, simply identify any file form the File Manager.



Interfacing further forms packages

Developers are welcome to re-use code from Magic Data Forms CSV Files within further interfaces to Magic Data Forms.