Version History

Always update to the latest version of Magic Data before updating Magic Data Forms.

1.3 - php7 compatibility

1.2.5 - Correct php short tag to full tag. 

1.2.4 - Provides extended hooks for Magic Data Developer documentation integration.

1.2.3 - Provides new plugins for Uber List and Uber Filter to facilitate listing and filtering any form data. New symbol FORM_BOOLEAN_FILTER_OF_FIELDS to create lists of boolean values.

1.2.1 - New symbol FORM_VALUE_OF_FIELDS for retrieving the values of multiple fields in a single query.

1.2 - Forms block templates now provide embellishment of a form by pulling in other named blocks.

1.1.1 - Addition of outer ID fields and field classes to containers for Magic Data and Magic Data tableless form templates.

1.1 - Form block integration with MD enabled templates for core form block and MD enabled core mail helper. This release of Magic Data Forms installs overrides for the core form block controller and the core mail helper. If you do not require the overrides, they can be disabled by setting site constants. See the on_start method of the package controller for details.

1.0 - Initial release