Documentation for individual Magic Data symbols is provided by the built in help and is also available on the online symbols and documentation pages. Simply select the Magic Data Forms package in the 'Filter by add-on package' search box to see full documentation with examples.


Installation Requirements

To install Magic Data Forms, you will need to have already installed Magic Data and Magic Data Symbols. You will probably also want to install Magic Data Templates.


Full Documentation

Full documentatioin can be found on the following pages:

Retrieving and using form results

Using symbols to retrieve data from form submissions. You can then show that data on any page of your site or use it anywhere that supports Magic Data.

Enhanced Form Block Templates

Templates are provided  fully Magic Data enabled for the core Form Block including the default table formatted view and the Tableless Form Layout by jordanlev. 

These templates also provide easy embellishment of the form using other blocks on the page through a simple block naming convention.

Mail Helper Extension

A Magic Data enabled extension of the core Mail helper. Tokens embedded in email addresses, subject or content are processed.

Interfacing further forms packages

Other forms packages can be interfaced easily by creating one model class and placing it in the appropriate directory and file, either in a package or as a root level model.