Version History

Always update Magic Data before updating this addon.

2.9 - php7 compatibility

2.7.30 - IP_ADDRESS on a local net (127.) now returns the server address, convenient for development on localhost.

2.7.29 - New symbols for page dates.

2.7.28 - THUMBNAIL symbols now generate alt and title tags.

2.7.27 - Resolve issue with non-breaking spaces in CLEAN_TEXT symbol.

2.7.26 - AS_LINK... symbols now have _NEW_WINDOW variants.

2.7.25 - New symbols to TRUNCATE_BY_WORD count  and CLEAN_TEXT, a kind of SANITIZE but stronger.

2.7.24 - Extended text truncation and counting symbols. Enhanced thumbnail symbols for SVG images.

2.7.23 - development version, not released

2.7.22 - Page and file identification enhanced to recognise {CCM:CID_XX}, {CCM:FID_XX} and {CCM:FID_DL_XX} markers and further internal path variations.

2.7.21 - Page and file detection in AS_PAGE and AS_FILE extended to identify pages or files through variations of their URLs. New symbols SLICE and REDIRECT.

2.7.20 - IN_LIST and LIST_CONTAINS now handle any list (previously just numeric values)

2.7.19 - Improve context returned from subexpressions

2.7.18 - Basic maths symbols + - * /

2.7.17 - Correct mistake in update method.

2.7.16 - Minor changes to diagnostic output in some symbols.

2.7.15 - Fix issue where IP_ADDRESS could return the server address. Added new symbol SERVER_IP_ADDRESS

2.7.14 - Extended symbols for retrieving attribute values. 

2.7.13 - Internal changes to use updates provided by MDv2.10.13

2.7.12 - New symbol HTLM_DL.

2.7.11 - New symbol ZERO_AS_NBSP_THEN_END. The use of ZERO_AS_THEN_END followed by a non breaking space character is so useful that it has been given a special symbol ZERO_AS_NBSP_THEN_END

2.7.10 - Improvements to symbols for page addition and publication dates.

2.7.9 - New symbols to APPEND lists without merging. Enhanced concatenation symbol '.' to also concatenate lists.

2.7.8 - Adds special case to LIST_USERS to handle 'Registered Users' pseudo-group.

2.7.7 - New symbol APPLY_SNIPPET to use snippets from the dashboard snippet manager provided by Magic Data 2.10.

2.7.6 - Thumbnails can now be sized to width and height. Additional symbols for unstyled thumbnails. Truncate symbols now append ellipses. New symbols for filtering lists of text.

2.7.5 - Fix PROFILE symbol for problem in some 'no-profile' cases.


2.7.3 - New symbol GET_CONTEXT.

2.7.2 - New symbol for QR codes.

2.7.1 - Correction of some typos in help text. Additional file symbols.

2.7 - Many new symbols for partial text matching. 

2.6.1 - Fix typo in IN_FILESET symbol description text.

2.6 - New subexpression parameter symbols THIS, THAT, WHATEVER. These symbols are strongly recommended and provide streamlining of subexpressions and reduce the need for use of memoreies within subexpressions. Look up 'subexpression' in the symbols or documentation search for more information.

2.5.1 - Added symbol to list files by display order

2.5 - Internal changes to the way page types are handled

2.4 - New symbols to access file download statistics.

2.3 - New REPLACE symbols for text replacement. Fix to AS_FILESET.

2.2 - New symbol APPLY_SNIPPET_FILE so snippets of Magic Data can be pulled in from files.

2.1 - Optimisation of APPLY_EACH and SORT_BY on empty lists.

2.0 - A few minor symbols and internal changes paving the way for Black Magic Data.

1.19 - Correction of typo/bug in upgrade symbol scanner introduced in 1.18.

1.18 - Correction of typos in help text of some list symbols.

1.17 - Clarification of OWNER and UPDATED_BY symbols. Faster page listing. Requires Magic Data v2.5.1. Please update Magic Data first, then immediately update Magic Data Symbols.

1.16 - Includes AS_IP and IP_ADDRESS symbols to facilitate integration of further addons such as MaxMind IP-GeoLoc

1.15 - LIST_PAGES now lists multiple levels. 

1.14 - Improvements to speed and flexibility of page name/path/id matching for AS_PAGE and similar uses.

1.13 - New file & fileset symbols. Extension of OWNER and URL symbols to work with files. New PAGE_IS_VISIBLE_TO group symbol.

1.12 - New parent and breadcrumb related symbols useful for Uber List. REQUIRES Magic Data v2.4+.

1.11.1 - Improvements to PROFILE symbol.

1.11 - Improved diagnostic reporting for symbol tester. Optimisation of IF and SWITCH processing.

1.10 - More PageStatistics and listing symbols. Also new set of buffer symbols to make it easier to build complex outputs, such as with Magic Job.

1.9 - Symbols for page visits using the PageStatistics table.

1.8 - 20 more symbols including sorting lists, combining lists, showing avatars and star ratings.

1.7 - More symbols for processing lists and pages.

1.6 - Enhanced date and time symbols. REQUIRES Magic Data v2.3+.

1.5 - Enhanced page listing symbols.

1.4.1 - Addition of NUM_CHILDREN symbol and correction of issue relating to On Block Load integration.

1.4 - List processing symbols. REQUIRES Magic Data v2.1+.

1.3 - Many new symbols, especially for attribute handling and display. 

1.2 - Removal of cache breaker status symbols as they are no longer relevant to v2.0 of Magic Data.

1.1 - Internationalization and comparison symbols added

1.0 - Initial release