Version History

Always update Magic Data before updating this addon.

2.4 - php7 compatibility

2.3.2 - Add dashboard searching to Magic Data Select attribute.

2.3.1 - Fix bug with attribute deletion.

2.3 - New Magic Data Select attribute. Build select attributes to select from anything you can list with magic data and even attributes that adapt to the context within which they are used (requires Uber List v1.11.1). New Magic Data Direct attribute, select a snippet to evaluate when the attribute is displayed.

2.2 - New ATTRIBUTE_OBJECT symbol to retrieve the item a Magic Data Attribute is attached to from within an MD expression inside the attribute.

2.1 - New Magic Data text and text area attributes.

2.0.1 - Revision of sample helper to reflect new best practices.

2.0 - Now includes symbols for styling templates from within Magic Data.

There have been some changes inside the Magic Data enabled templates work. If you have developed custom templates, they will remain compatible. However, if you revise any custom templates to follow the new model, they will be able to take advantage of the new symbols for styling templates from within Magic Data.

1.1 - Added template for jordanlev's Page List Teasers.

1.0 - Initial Release