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Currently in the PRB, Magic Data Forms extends Magic Data with a set of symbols to retrieve data from form submissions. You can then show that data on any page of your site or use it anywhere that supports Magic Data.


Magic Data Forms does not include a forms block of its own. Magic Data Forms interfaces to existing forms blocks, such as the core Form block, to retrieve any data submitted through forms and make it available through Magic Data symbols.

So you can use a regular form block to build an interface where users enter information, then have complete control over where, how and when you display the data on your site.

The internal forms interface is open and configurable to plug in interfaces to other forms packages or indeed any tabular data. This makes it easy for any developer who knows their way round the code and data of a forms package to interface it to Magic Data Forms. Knowing your way round the interfacing forms package is the hard part. The easy part is interfacing that to Magic Data Forms. You only need to create a single model class and place it in the appropriate directory/file.

Forms addon developers, please contact me if you would like to bundle an interface with your forms addon.

Its also possible to use the same plugin interface to pull data from any tabular source, so also in the PRB I have an interface package for CSV files. Upload a CSV file with the file manager, then pull data from it and show it anywhere using magic data.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Another way of interacting with forms is to catch a form before it is submitted. You can now do this with Blocks By Ajax, then within the AJAX'ed block read the form fields using Magic Data.

This isn't designed for sophisticated processing, but could be used, for example, to show data dependant on the form fields, such as customised selection and searching.

You could create an input form, intercept that with blocks by ajax, pull parameters from it with Magic Data, use those to build a result, then let blocks by ajax return that to the page.

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