The Eaisest way to process Magic Data Symbols

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Universal Content Puller has always used Magic Data's symbol engine for conditional display.

Now in version 1.2 of Universal Content Puller the integration with Magic Data is enhanced to provide a Magic Data text processor. Any content source pulled through Universal Content Puller can be passed through the Magic Data text processor to process any Magic Data symbols embedded in the content.

So now you can process Magic Data symbol replacement within absolutely anything, even local and remote text or markdown files, anything in a stack, or even embedded in an RSS feed (if you can find or design an RSS feed that contains Magic Data symbols).

What's more, using Magic Data this way is really easy. No need for complicated page, block and parameter selection. Just select the Magic Data text processor from within a Universal Content Puller block and away you go!

Using it this way, Magic Data goes from being a red addon to an east green addon.

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