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To get the most out of Magic Heading, I suggest creating one or more magic heading blocks in the global scrapbook:

Dashboard > Scrapbook > Global > View > Add Block to Scrapbook > Magic Heading.

These should be individually optimised for the various page structures on your site. With careful use of the selectors, you may be able to use just one Magic Heading block. Or you may need 2 or 3 to cater for different page structures like eCommerce.

Then, edit the page type defaults:

Dashboard > Pages and Themes > Page Types > Defaults.

Add your global scrapbook Magic Heading block (or one of them) to each of the default page layouts you are using.

New pages will now automatically have a magic heading when created.

The defaults will only apply to pages you create from now on, you may have to edit existing pages to add a Magic Heading block from the global scrapbook. So its a good reason to get magic heading on your site in the early stages of development.

Now, to change any magic heading settings, you just have to edit the Magic Heading in the global scrapbook and the rest of your site will keep up with it.

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