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Hope someone can help me!

I am looking into purchasing this addon but was wondering what colour the Content background is when it is live on your site?? does it just go to the same colour as the site background?? or is it something you can change easily??

Thanks in advance.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
With most templates, by default the content of a tab has no border or background. However, the jquery_ui_with_body template will assign the body of a tab the body that a jQuery.ui theme would use.

For other templates, you can add background or borders to any tab body by adding data-body-selected-class to a custom template php (details in the documentation) or by styling the class jl_magic_tabs_divider or jl_magic_tabs_main in your theme or in a custom magic tabs template css.

If you want to assign a different styling to each tab body, each tab boody will have an id like:

Where first_tabname and second_tabname are the lowercased and underscored versions of the tab headings, and gix1, gix2... increments for each tab globally on a page.
robert1984 replied on at Permalink Reply
hi Johnthefish,

thanks for this done when you are setting up a tab to select the colour you want?? when you are inputting the information??
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Magic tabs comes with a selection of alternative block templates that decide how tabs (and in some cases the tab body background) are displayed. These templates are selected by a concrete5 dialog. They cover many of the common requirements of site designers. Each template has a fixed design with no parameters from the edit dialogue.

These templates are each a small php file and a small css file.

To create a custom look for tabs or tab bodies, you can take 2 routes:

1. Edit the css files of your theme to style the elements of magic tabs.

2. Create a custom template by copying an existing template, renaming it, then editing the php and/or css files.

Both approaches require editing css and/or php source files, but only minimal expertise in css or php is required.

Full details of what to edit and how to create a template are given in the Magic Tabs documentation page.

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