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Hi Their

I have found a couple of issues with this blocks and using it the the core ecom package and videos.

1st issue: IF you add a set of tabs with a ecom product search box, then the search results don't get posted in the correct tab and get displayed under. (with an end tab or not) It also displays the message

"No products found"

AS their as no keywords set. This displays always under all the tabs?
Even if I tell it to publish results to another page.

2nd: Addon: html5 video: I have a html5 video block on tab 2. Now if I click the tab the video only appears loads a small section and the rest is hidden of screen. ( not centred ever) now because it remembers the tabs and I hit refresh it reloads the perfect?

For your Help
PS I left A nice review.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Just to close the loop, this forum post is resolved in support thread of 17 September:

If any one without access to the Magic Tabs support section needs details, please PM me.

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