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I'd like to have multiple columns within each tab. From left to right, there would be
* An image for that tab
* A verbal summary of that tab
* Autonav for the content of that tab
* Most recent for that tab

I've tried using Add Layout between each Magic Tab. However, it seems to get confused and starts a whole new tab set.

Can you offer any guidance?

Thanks in advance

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Magic tabs work within layouts, but layouts wont work within magic tabs because each part of a layout is effectively an area, and each magic tabs tab set must be within an area.

The solution is to use block design to position the blocks within a tab. Depending on your theme, it may be as simple as adding classes like span-1 or span-2 - check with your theme developer.

If you want to stay completely independent of any theme, then you will need to add css styling directly to each block to force the layout you can do this with fixed widths or percentages. For example, if your tabbed area is 600 pixels wide:
- float:left;width:150px;
- float:left;width:250px;
- float:left;width:100px;
- float:left;width:100px;

The sums may not be exact because borders and margins also become part of the overall calculation.


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